Emis TN School Attendance App Download

emis tn school attendance app

Emis TN School Attendance App How to download:

In this article we will discuss what is emis tn school attendance app, how to download and use it. It is an online school management portal to upload student details, attendance, time table, schemes, school staff details, and school profile. It is specially designed by Tamilnadu education management. Every school in Tamilnadu should attend student data on this app.

A unique code is given to every school to log in to this app. If you have entered any wrong details you can edit by login correctly. Each school has to register on this app login ID and password sent to the principal of the corresponding school.

schools have to upload student attendance and teacher attendance on an online day today. The principal and higher authority can monitor student information and school information very easily. It is very easy to inspect the school and student performance easily.

It is an online-based attendance system. When student data are missed from your college it would be available on this app. Nowadays the world is moving to digitalization so it is very important we are also up to date technology.

In the student profile all data regarding the student information. Check the student name, blood group, date of birth, height, academic records, society, parent details, address, class, attendance while uploading to this website. If it is not recorrect this information. Easily edit if it has any wrong date of birth, name, attendance after uploaded on this app.

Teacher information also has to be uploaded on this app such as name, date of birth, Aadhar number, blood group, Caste, parents details, joining details, address, mobile number, email, academic qualification. Student marks have to be uploaded by every school in Tamilnadu. 

How To Download And Install Tn Emis School App:

  • Click on the download button provided below to download the Tn school app from play store or go to the play store app search for Tn emis school app you will get this.
  • Click on the install button to download the tn emis schools app.
  • If you are the first time to download this app from unknown sources and give the permissions whatever it asks.
  • Then a window will appear on the screen.
  • Then enter your Id and password of your school.
  • Check your college name appear on the screen

How to make Tn Emis school Time Table:

  • Login to this Tn Emis school 
  • Click on the school button appear on top of the screen
  • Then click the time table next click on create a timetable.
  • You have to include this format to create a time table.
  • Lessons plans, syllabus, study material, public exam, half-yearly, quarterly, mid-exam 1 and 2, and monthly exams

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