Free Fire Game Download Jio phone 100% works

free fire game download jio phone: Welcome friends, In this article I’m gonna explain how to download and install Free fire games for Jio Phones. Now many people have been using Android phones. In India the popularity of using interested to use of the jio phones.

More than  5 crore people use jio phones in India.  Due to low cost and futures this app is training now In India. jio phone is only supported by jio Sim another company sims. It has a front camera and rear camera. This phone Worked on the KAI OS software battery life is a very long life and Spreadtrum processor used.

free fire download in jio phone
free fire download in jio phone

It is a 4g and Volte supported mobile phone. Due to 4g network browsing is very fast.  you can download jio apps for free.  Reliance Company launched this product. You can expand your  ROM by inserting a memory card. 

It supports wifi you can use wifi from the router or turning ON hotspot on another mobile. So let’s discuss deeply about what free fire is, how to download and install on jio mobile phones.

Free Fire Game Download Jio Phone :

In previous days many of the games were designed for PCs and emulators. Nowadays many of the people are interested in playing games on mobiles. Everyone has mobile phones and it is convenient to carry anywhere. We cannot carry PCs and emulators like phones.

It is a big milestone for the gaming industry now many of the industries try to develop android games in 3d. Free fire is trending due to it being a 3d game and graphics on this game are very wonderful. In a free fire game you can play with your friends and family members. You can chat while playing this game.

It is a survival shooter game, you have to survive till the end of the game if you are playing a solo game. Anyone of the players should survive to win in this game. You have to kill more players to get first rank on this game. There is only one goal you have to survive and answer the call of duty.

A total of fifty members landed on an island with you. Collect different types of weapons and kill other persons without damaging your health. 

How To Download and Install Free Fire Game :

  • Download the play store app on your mobile phone.
  • If you don’t know how to download a play store app. I have already written on this click here to read this article. You have to install an Omnisd file to use the play store app.
  • Check your internet connection before going to install this app.
  • Click on the download button to download the free fire game.
  • After completion of download click on the install button.
  • Logging in this app by Facebook.

How to Play Free Fire Game on Jio Phone:

Open the free fire app, before going to play select a map, no.of players want to play solo or squad. You can change your dress, glasses, shoes in different colors. Click on the start button a timer is running after the completion of the timer a plane is started moving. Select a point on the island and jump after reaching your point. Parachute will open automatically after some time.

I suggested that you land far away from other people if you are not a pro player. Otherwise you will die at the starting of the game. Collect the guns, granites, smokes, health kits, and bandages. It would use it to recover and kill enemies.

Close to your squad to revive your squad or your squad revive you easily. A blue zone is going to shrink after some time. You have to be inside the zone. If you are not in the zone you would be injured and lead to death.

Collect your enemy guns and bullets after the kill. Your enemy will turn into a box. Sometimes 

Special boxes are dropped from airplanes to reach that plane. In that box special weapons are available.

Requirement Free Fire For JIo Phone:

  • JIo phone with the required space to download the game.
  • Omnisd is installed to use the play store on your phone.
  • Check the internet connection and turn on If it is off.

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